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Jan 3, 2010 8:00am EST
, the modest income from social security he's over the limit to receive medicare. no insurance, but a bag full of medications that run more than $5,000 a month. >> every day. every day. >> reporter: and the prospect if the cancer comes back of much more daunting expenses. >> the bone marrow testing alone costs like that's just the testing part of it. >> reporter: 800,000 patients pass through jps every year. fewer than 7% of them have private health insurance. >> we've got surgery in two. three. >> reporter: those here who do have coverage are likely to medicare or medicaid and when the jps ceo and chief of medicine hear the president promise to squeeze billions in savings from knows federal programs, they worry and among other things it could exacerbate an already acute doctor shorts allege in texas. >> we have a significant problem with medicaid only 38% of our physicianses participate in medicaid programs. so if we start squeezing the payment rates down or freezing them, we're going see fewer and fewer physicians who will want to participate in those programs. >> reporter: while public hosp
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1